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Women & IT

As a direct result of digital transformation, the IT industry is growing. The need for skilled workers is correspondingly huge. In 2017, 55,000 jobs remained vacant in Germany. How can this gap be closed? We think women can do that.

The project "Women & IT", which started in the summer of 2018, aims to show more qualified women perspectives in IT.

First of all, we would like to find out more about the underlying causes, which is why the proportion of women in IT in Germany currently stands at only 16.6%.


(graphic by NCWIT) 

For this we need your help!

Please take 15 minutes to help us understand what women currently think about the IT industry.

Among all participants we are giving away 10 places in an exclusive career workshop*.

TO THE SURVEY (in german language)


* One-day career workshop in a group of about 10 people, amounting to 9 lessons of 45 minutes. Travel, meals and stay are not included and will not be refunded.

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