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ITIL® Qualification Scheme*

It enables a fundamental realignment with respect to ITIL certification scheme. The ITIL® qualification scheme is designed in a way so that the various qualification levels are being connected with a marking grid. Each successfully passed examination creates credits for the next higher level thereof. The scheme includes four different levels:

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate (Lifecycle Stream & Capability Stream)
  • ITIL® Expert
  • ITIL® Master (in developmental phase)

Here’s a graphical overview displaying the relevant credits for the achievement of the level EXPERT/MASTER:


Foundation Level (Basics)

The foundation level is apt to train key concepts, basic knowledge and a general understanding of the processes and terminology on behalf of ITIL® 

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level is the next higher level from the foundation level. By means of Lifecycle Stream and Capability Stream two qualification methods become possible:

Service Value System


Capability Stream

  • Operational Support and Analysis (OS&A)
  • Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)
  • Release, Control and Validation (RC&V)
  • Planning Protection and Optimization (PP&O)

ITIL Expert

In order to obtain the status of an ITIL Expert in IT Service Management the candidates have to successfully pass the foundation examination, to obtain credits in different modules of the intermediate level as well as to successfully complete the final mandatory course of Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC). A total of 22 credits are necessary to obtain the expert level. Passing another examination is not necessary on this behalf.

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