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New IHK-professions

There will also be something new for Fachinformatiker, which means it-specialists, certified by the chamber of commerce. 

At the start of the new training year in August, the chambers of industry and commerce plan to expand their professional range.

If the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) agrees, further IT professions should be added.

Especially the Fachinformatiker are interesting for us:

There are two other specializations for Fachinformatiker for application development and system integration:

Fachinformatiker for digital networking are similar to the system integrators. You also work in the network infrastructure, but with a view of the interfaces between network components, cloud-based and physical systems and applications.

Fachinformatiker for data and process analysis develop solutions for digital production and business processes that are increasingly driven by data.

How the new professions are ultimately designed and how they will be named depends on the approval of the ministry.

(Source: IHK Düsseldorf)

LUTZ & GRUB AG continues on the road to success

LGAcademy and LG IT services report pleasing numbers.

The strong German economy is slowed only by the now noticeable lack of skilled workers. The LUTZ & GRUB AG also feels that, but in a positive sense. For the most part, the graduates of the LG Academy already have a signed employment contract with the end of the course. We will not let the best ones go first, they will be taken over directly into our LG IT Services division. Especially the remote services enjoy increasing popularity.

Uwe Schmidt

For on-site industrial security support, IT services even need to advertise outside jobs, as many companies would prefer to keep Academy graduates straight after the internship.

LUTZ & GRUB AG has a positive view of the future and is looking forward to the challenges that may arise.

New alignment with Microsoft certifications

Role-based instead of product oriented

Microsoft announced that the new certification exams will be reoriented.

The staggering MTA - MCSA - MCSE will continue, but here only the name changes. In the future it will be called Fundamentals - Associate - Expert.

More interesting is the new orientation of the certifications. So far, the product has been certified, servers, Active Directory, messaging, databases, etc.

new certification orientation

neue Zertifizierungsausrichtung

(Source: Microsoft Ignite)

In the future, the certifications will be fixed to the job descriptions, thus replacing the previous product orientation.

Also new is the nature of modularization. To do this, the preparations for certification are divided into logical blocks. These should be done as Online Learning or as before as a classroom training with an MCT.

The new type of Azure certification is now in progress and the result will be the Microsoft Azure Administrator. Next up is the Microsoft Office 365 administrator.