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Finish-IT - a shortcut to IT-Professional

The project

The project Finish-IT is a co-operation of LUTZ & GRUB AG and the Cyberforums Karlsruhe e.V. Applicants with work experience in information technology or students who dropped out of college offers it the opportunity to reach the gradiuation of an it-professional system integration or application development at the CCI in only 12 months. The project is based on special conditions, granted by the CCI and the supporting employment agency.

We offer a training optimal adjusted to the project. You will find into the job of an it-professional quickly and you will be well prepared to the certification.

As a result, companies have the opportunity to win very good appliants who can be used as specialists in a very short time.

The realization will follow a dual track. Companies will provide the practical skills, LUTZ & GRUB AG will teach the theoretical knowledge.

Target group

Dropouts of the study course informatics, maths, telecommunications and courses similar to information technology, not graduated applicants with good experience in information technology and interested persons without professional training but already work in the it.


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