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Application Developer

Certified Application Developer .NET + C#

Development - from client/server to application

Plan your future career as a software developer - for individual applications with graphical user interface, client/server or web applications. We provide profund and practical knowledge in project management as well as project-oriented programming:

  • Visual C#
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • XML Technologies and usage
  • Patterns and UML
  • C#.NET and WebApps

Learning targets

  • Creating object-oriented software design using UML-diagrams and -techniques.
  • Implementing a predefined or self-created software design in Microsoft's .NET platform with the object-oriented programming language C#.
  • Creating and maintaining ASP.NET web applikations.
  • Developing web apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Implementing Windows applications using WPF technique in XAML and C#, to  keep the business logic code, the data model and the view of a GUI application as separated as possible.
  • Writing software applications that use Microsoft SQL server as persistent data storage.
  • Creating analogies to Microsoft SQL Server and other relational database servers, i.e. MySQL.
  • Developing software modules for the presentation layer, the persistence layer as well as the business logic layer in multi-layer software projects.
  • Developing services für heterogeneous computer systems with WCF.
  • Creating programs to exchange, transform and validate XML documents.
  • Using the development environment Visual Studio .NET comprehensively for software development.
  • Debuggging and testing .NET programms.
  • Communicating software designs within a developer team using pattern language.
  • Solving smaller administration and configuration problems of a Windows client/server system in a programmer's everyday life. 
  • Identifying and using successful your own strengths in the application process with the help of your potential analysis and individual coaching.

Target groups

Appliants from natural or economic science studies, university or business school graduates, study breaks with relevant additional education, educated IT professionals, IT economists, information technicians, programmers, organization programmers, veterans in reintegration process with relevsnt knowledge, ad well as appliants without gradiation but several years of experience in information technologies. 

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