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What is Individual Coaching?

If your career achievements seem to offer a wider field of improvements, maybe coaching could be of help.

Coaching is a mix between in-process consulting, goal-oriented guidance and activity-oriented training. The first step always starts at the personal and individual level of competency of each customer. Main emphasis is put on finding easy applicable and implementable solutions.

User coaching in order to get and to define new impulses: Coaching means new energy for your professional career and orientation.

Our Services

Our services include an initial contact over the phone (approx. 10 minutes) in order to clarify your individual demand as well as to set the pace. It also includes 2 attendance dates respectively a consultation (approx. 190 minutes) as well as approx. 30 minutes of preparation wrap-up time for the coach (all in all 240 minutes) and it is based on the following criteria:

  • Voluntariness: A consultation or counseling can only be successful if you’re interested.
  • Personal Acceptance: Mutual acceptance and trust is the basis for efficient counseling and consultation.
  • Discretion: The contents remain fully confidential.

After consultation with you the following contents or methods might be applied:

  • An analysis of potential developed by Lutz & Grub AG in close cooperation with the University of Koblenz/Landau 
  • Power balance sheets
  • Practical exercises with respect to self presentation
  • Self management
  • Time management
  • Communications and telephone training 
  • Optimization of your application documents

Who benefits from our services?

Our services are developed for experts and managers ready for the next step in their individual careers.

If you are in the process of re-arranging your career it becomes important to find the right way instead of being negatively influenced by the slowly approaching problems such as becoming unemployed, orientation difficulties, a low self-esteem, difficulties of taking the right decisions, conflicts in your private life etc.

From a positive point of view you have now time to thoroughly adjust your career, verify all opportunities and to elaborate individual strategies in order to reach your personal goals and destination in the outmost way, presenting yourself authentically and efficiently on this behalf.

We talk to you about

  • Your future plans on a personal as well as career-oriented level
  • Your goals
  • Your social and personal resources
  • Your tendencies with respect to self-perception and behavior 
  • Additional positions that might turn out to be an obstacle on your way