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Promotion / Recognition

State Recognition

Since 1996 LUTZ & GRUB AG is officially recognized by CERT-IT for state-certified vocational trainings according to AZWV. Furthermore, all vocational trainings offered are also recognized and aided by the Federal Employment Agency, the Vocational Promotion Service of the Federal Armed Forces or by the Vocational Rehabilitation Aid Agency thereof.

Recognition and promotion by the Federal Employment Agency

The Federal Employment Agencies recognizes and promotes vocational trainings and further education courses by means of special vouchers, to be obtained by your relevant placement officer. For a first insight and more information please see the information leaflet of the Federal Employment Agency.

Highest Comeback Rate and Re-Entry into the Professional World

Only successful vocational trainings on a very high level of quality will receive state aids and recognition. On this behalf we can prove a rate of nearly 100% comeback rate and re-entry into the professional world due to our clear-cut focus on the relevant business sector and our individual coaching. LUTZ & GRUB AG enjoys an outstanding reputation on this behalf: Please contact your local Federal Employment Agency.

First Step – Consult with us

We know all the lumps and bumps that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to terms with application for financial support. First step – consult with us and benefit from our recommendations and our support.

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